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2013 TRC Results
2013 TRC Rules and Prizes
Trust, Confidence, Horsemanship
The Trail Rider Challenge (TRC) is an unique event that encourages you and your horse to develop a partnership based on trust and measure your horsemanship skills. Your partnership is then scored on an obstacle course designed to challenge your skills at all levels and encourage good horsemanship.

This event will give you the opportunity to set goals, measure your progress, gain confidence, expose your horse to new things, and win prizes. The TRC is about having fun, building confidence, promoting good horsemanship and challenging you and your horse to new levels. It is an encouraging, supportive group of people who want to learn and challenge themselves.

1. In-Hand Course: Course is in the arena and consists of 5 obstacles to be completed while leading your horse. Suitable for horses of all ages and ponies.
2. Basic Course: Course is in the arena and basic. Suit for all ages of horses and riders. Walk-Trot.
3. Trail Rider Challenge Course: is scored and timed. 10 obstacles are worth 10 points each. Time is worth 10 points. It is in an open area, includes loping and more challenging obstacles. Open to all ages and skill levels of horse and rider. Time Limit
4. Extreme Trail Challenge Course: is scored and timed. 10 obstacles are worth 10 points each. Time is worth 10 points. It is in an open area, includes loping and a higher level of difficulty and skill. Open riders over 14 and youth riders with permission. Time Limit.

Four divisions will be at each event and have year-end prizes.
1.Youth Division: Riders 13 & under as of January 1.
2.Novice Division: For beginner riders. Novices have never won a TRC, a Trail Class or a similar event. Novices have never been paid to ride, train or give lessons.
3.Green Horse: For horses who have been under saddle less than 1 year prior to the start of the season or horses who have never competed in ANY event prior to season.
4.Open Division: Open to all horses and riders.
(May vary by event location)
In-Hand $10
Basic Course $15
Trail Rider Course $25
Extreme Trail Challenge $35

Ride all day in one division (15 and over) for $75
Ride all day except Extreme Trail Challenge - Youth (14 and under) for $40.
Youth must have management approval to ride in Extreme division.
2013 Prize list will be added soon

Entries close 20 minutes before a division begins.
10% discount for pre-registrations (post-marked by the Monday prior to the event) Mail to: TRC, 380 Co Rd 34, Tekamah, NE 68061
Registrations accepted at the event.

  • Rules and Details - PDF 
  • June 15: Trail Rider Challenge, Tekamah, NE 
     4 Courses! 4 Divisions! Fun Classes! 
  • July 20: Trail Rider Challenge, Seward, NE 
     48 Obstacles! 
  • August 1: Trail Rider Challenge, Seward County Fair 
  • Sept. 8: Trail Rider Challenge, Tekamah, NE 
Why ride in a Trail Rider Challenge (TRC)?
    TRCís are open to any horse and any rider. Although registration papers are not required and all horses are welcome, the event is approved for points through most breed associations including the APHA PAC program.
    It is not a fancy event but requires safe and functional tack and clothing. By the end of the season you will have a happier, more confident, willing horse.
    The atmosphere is non-threatening and supportive. We are all there to have fun, learn, meet other horse people and improve our horse.

TRC Participant Interviews
Interview 1: Kara, a rider who has been competing in TRCs since 2006. She was the 2008 high-point rider.
    What has TRC done for you?
When I went to my first Trail Rider Challenge in 2006, Bart (my horse) was scared of everything, bucked often and was dangerous.  I saw something I wanted to be a part of and decided to stick with it.  Bart and I attended several clinics and riding classes.  As we learned to communicate and do the trail obstacles his confidence increased. As he learned to try and became willing the bucking and bad behavior went away.  He became mentally engaged and now looks forward to going riding. My confidence and skill level grew also. 
Why should others give TRC a try?
I have seen the changes that it produces in other horses, not only my own. I have brought friends along with me.  I see a positive change in their horses also.
Horses get bored doing the same thing over and over. It is a great opportunity to give arena horses something refreshing to do.  It gives trail horses a challenge. The TRC changes every time. The horse doesnít get bored. He seems to enjoy it. It develops the horses ability to think, encourages the horse to try and to be willing.

Interview 2: Vic, comments from a rider after her first TRC.
     What an incredible day.  The things I thought -"no way", we did.
It's the best money I've spent - the cheapest training venue I've seen, the most bang for the buck, the most rider-friendly despite my fears. At lunch I felt like I was truly sitting in their living room, and that they were there to help me with my horsemanship goals.
    By the way, the woman that won today is a new friend of mine.  She came into this competition/trail obstacle course last year - in her words, "hangin onto the horn with both hands"' riding a rank, disrespectful, dangerous horse. She walked away today with the check.
This is riding in real life.
What a rush.

A recent email from a clinic participant:
Hey Kelli, I had a total blast May 9th at your place riding and going through the course. It was my first time there and in one afternoon my confidence in my horse and myself grew by leaps and bounds.(*we will get that water crossing next time! :)
Thanks for helping me and my horse become even better partners and for providing such a wonderful environment to do that in. Much thanks. Michelle