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By starting at the bottom of the triangle and working upward we can accomplish your goals!

First, we want to be able to do these things.
Second, we want to practice and do them well.
Finally, we want to accomplish and do them with finesse!

ROUNDPEN: Walk, trot, lope with relaxed, balanced gaits, Hooking-On
GROUNDWORK: Person directs the horseís feet, Horse follows a feel, Horse respects space, manners
DESPOOKING: Horse learns to think not react
IN-HAND TRAIL: Builds trust, willingness, try and confidence

HIND QUARTERS: Direct the hindquarters and one-rein stops
FORWARD AND RELAXED: Horse should go forward freely and relaxed
FRONT QUARTERS: Direct the front feet and pivots
BACKING: Back in straight lines and circles

CROSSING OVER/THROUGH: Willingly cross tarps, bridges and water. Go through cowboy curtains
MANUEVERS: Back through Lís and Zís, Sidepass logs, Lís and Zís
CARRYING and DRAGGING: Carry slickers and various items.
Drag logs, branches and tires

FORWARD: Moving forward freely with energy coming from hindquarters
BALANCE: Horse learns to balance naturally at walk, trot and lope traveling straight and in circles.
PERCISION: Riding with accuracy. Straight lines and circles
COLLECTION: Willingly moving from the hindquarters with impulsion, trust and confidence

To register for or to host a clinic email or call Kelli at 402-889-6042.

Clinic hosts wanted!
Contact Kelli to schedule a clinic.

Any level or discipline of horse and rider are welcome.

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Groundwork Clinic

Groundwork is the foundation of having a respectful, responsive horse. After all, the horse you lead is the horse you ride.

Groundwork clinics are 2 -3 hours in length and may include round pen work and/or in-hand trail obstacles such as tarps and bridges.

Bring a rope halter and 12-foot lead.

De-Spooking Clinic
De-Spooking Clinics include ground work and teaches you and your horse how to be scared. We use tarps, bridges, flags, bags, ropes and other items to help you and your horse grow in confidence.

Horsemanship Clinic
Western Dressage Clinic
Horsemanship Clinics start with the basics that every horse and rider should have for any discipline. Once the horse and rider have a solid foundation we build on that foundation and work on skills such as:
* 180 and 360 degree turns (haunches and forehand)
* Mounting, dismounting
* Sidepassing
* Balanced Stops
* Transitions
* Backing willing, straight and in circles
* Collection
* Leads and lead changes

Trail Obstacle Clinic
Trail Obstacle Clinics increase the confidence on the horse and rider. Brush up your skills and learn to negotiate the basic kinds of trail obstacles: despooking, crossing, dragging, carrying and maneuvering.

Problem Solving Clinic
This clinic varies by the problems presented.
Topics such as Trailer Loading, lead issues, backing, fears and more.

Riding Groups
A riding club designed to build your confidence by teaching YOU the skills that YOU to enjoy your horse more, your horse to trust YOU, to solve problems, and to bond with your horse.
Custom designed for your group.
At your arena or barn.
Minimum of 6 riders.

Contact Kelli for details: 402-889-6042 or Email Kelli

Cost may vary slightly due to travel and arena costs.
6 person minimum within 100 miles of Omaha, NE
8 person minimum more than 100 miles from Omaha, NE

The following is a guideline:

One day clinic:
3 hour clinic $60 per person
5 hour clinic $95 per person

Two day clinic:
2 - 3 hour sessions $120 per person
2 - 5 hour sessions $185 per person

Longer clinics available. Contact Kelli for details.
Horsemanship Clinic
Summer 2007

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