Working Equitation Handbook

The Ease of Handling Trial
The How-to Guide!

by Kelli Paulson Crist and Tarrin Warren

Working Equitation Handbook
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Working Equitation was developed in Europe in the 1990's as a means to develop and test the skills of horses and riders who do field work (work with cattle in Southern Europe). The cattle are often aggressive. Traditionally, they are worked with a garrocha on a horse who is brave, obedient, agile and well trained!

Working Equitation combines dressage, train obstacles, finesee, strategy and speed into a sport that is a blast!

I hope you enjoy the book!

Section 1: Introduction to Working Equitation
Section 2: The Obstacles
The 19 Working Equitation Obstacles are covered in-depth.
Sections include: The Basics, Setup, Riding the Obstacle, The Markers, Completing the Obstacle, Judging Criteria, DQs, Training Tips, How to Practice and Common Mistakes.
134 pages

Section 3: Training Exercises
Training Exercises prepare you to succeed in Working Equitation.
Exercises include: Transitions, Changes of Bend, Straightness, The Halt and Immobility, Rein Back, Corridors, The Haunches, Varied Terrian & Water, Developing the Canter, Pole Handling, Jumping, and Sidepassing a Pole
69 pages

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