Western Dressage ~ Cowgirl Style!

Cowgirl Dressage

My goal with horses is to have a confident, willing partner who is a joy to ride, whose feet are directable, and we are prepared for any situation. Once we are prepared, we set goals and practice. That allows us to accomplish more than we ever imagined with our horse.

By using foundation horsemanship and trail obstacles our horses become confident, willing and directable. The next step is Western Dressage. Here our horses become forward, accurate, and truly collected. It's time to add finesse, elegance, grace and beauty to our partnership!

A finished horse.

Natural horsemanship gives us great concepts. We must take those concepts and practice with direction and intention to have a finished horse, a bridle horse or an enjoyable, happy horse.

Horsemanship is unique in that you can always learn more. No one knows it all. We are all learning each day. Cowgirl (Western) Dressage will guide you on your journey to accomplish more than you ever imagined.

~ Kelli

Article from Purina Mane Program Newspaper:
Western Dressage

By Kelli Paulson

“I am so excited and I just can’t hide it!” the Pointers Sisters sang in the 80’s. I have been dancing in the barn I am so excited. Why? Western Dressage has arrived. It has been my dream for years. When I was younger, I imagined I was a dressage rider floating gracefully across the arena, riding to greatness in my western gear. Now, 20 plus years later, it is here!

The Western Dressage Association of America (WDAA) was founded in 2010. The mission of the WDAA is to inspire western riders to a higher level of horsemanship and partnership through the use of dressage. Creating an educational environment and competitive format within the horse industry for the Western Dressage horse and rider. The WDAA welcomes all breeds to participate.

A finely tuned dressage horse elegantly moves across the arena. It is breathtaking. Do you desire that level of precision? Saddle up your horse. Put on your favorite cowboy boots and hat. Western Dressage is for you!

What is Western Dressage?
Western Dressage is the merging of classical horsemanship and natural horsemanship.
Time-honored dressage principles develop the physique and natural ability of any horse while encouraging the engagement of the hindquarters and a natural headset.

The goal of Western Dressage is to enhance the integrity and lightness of the western horse through the use of dressage principles while emphasizing light contact. Our goal is to develop a sound, correct, balanced horse with a willing attitude and true collection.

Refine your horsemanship skills by using your seat, hands, and legs to communicate effectively and build a better partnership with your horse. It all fits together in a plan that you can work at your own pace and advance as far as you want.

Western Dressage uses a consistent scoring system allowing you to advance at your own pace. You work to improve your own score and can compete with others in the class.

Bring the horse and saddle you have. This is a great place to have fun and improve your skills. Beginner to advanced, all are welcome.

Where do I compete?
The Nebraska Dressage Association (NDA) is hosting classes at it’s 2011 schooling shows. Web site: www.nebraskadressage.org.

The Iowa Dressage and Combined Training Association (IaDCTA) offers Western Dressage in “Limited” classes. Web site: www.iadcta.org.

The shows are listed in the event calendar of this paper and on www.cowgirldressage.com. Note: Guys are welcome and encouraged to join in. (Cowboy Dressage is trademarked and off limits.) Hence, www.cowgirldressage.com will provide the information you need. It has WD events in the area, clinics, workshops, rules, patterns and links to the organizations involved.

Learn more:
• March 11 -13, Nebraska Horse Expo: stop by and see Kelli Paulson at her booth and pick up an info packet. WD demo on Saturday
• Winter Riding Groups with Kelli Paulson at Five Star Stables. Details online.
• April 1-3, Iowa Horse Fair: Kelli Paulson will be at the Purina booth. Demos.
• April 30: Western Dressage Workshop and Clinic at Skyline Ranches arena.
• www.cowgirldressage.com.

Kelli Paulson, Regional Ambassador for Purina Feeds, instructs Horsemanship, Groundwork, Problem Solving, Trail Obstacle and Western Dressage Clinics. Kelli has a lifetime of experience with horses and cattle. Western Dressage is a natural progression. The combination is perfect. “I am so excited I just can’t hide it!”

Kelli rides and trains a wide variety of horses. “I need my horses to be focused and thinking. Strategy keeps the horses level headed and consistent. Strategy can be fed to every horse in the barn, making chores simple. Purina means top quality feed. I trust Purina.” - Kelli

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